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We would like to introduce fresh news on the market presentation systems. Our exhibition stands bring an entirely new approach to presenting visual and text materials.

These new media carriers excel in particular its good visibility, a wide variability, ease of installation and excellent stability.

Dimensions of panels are large enough to attract attention and sufficiently "small"for the viewer to be able to build much-needed personal touch.

Medialogue stands create the perfect aesthetic spectacle for the audience.

Present your project in style! For more information and price quote please contact production manager.


Exhibition Winton's Train's extended until the June 30 2014!
Winton’s Trains exhibition reopens in Prague on the occasion of Sir Nicholas’ 105th birthday
Updated exhibition Winton’s Train’s of the author Jaroslav Brabec will be installed in Kampa Park in Prague near Museum Kampa, accesible free of charge, 24 hours a day.

When: May 19. - June 19. 2014
Where: U Sovových mlýnů, Kampa Park, Prague 1

The event is held under the auspices of Martin Stropnický, Minister of Defence of the Czech Republic and Jiří Vávra, the First Deputy Mayor of Capital Prague.

Hradčanské náměstí 67/8
118 00 Prague 1 - Hradčany